Kitchen Display for Clover
Online Order for Clover
Reporting for Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display

Speed orders through

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  • Optimized for quick-serve restaurants.
  • Deliver faster and more accurate orders.
  • Connects to your Clover device in minutes.

Online Order

Connect customers to your store

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  • Take orders from smartphones and computers.
  • Get orders sent into your Clover device.
  • Publish a beautiful site for your store.

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Reporting for Kitchen Display

Keep tabs on your kitchen



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For merchants who use the Kitchen Display app to zip orders through their kitchen, this companion Reporting app give you the ability to keep tabs on how your kitchen is operating with answers to the following:

  • Monitor how long orders are taking to fill
  • Identify items that are taking the longest (and shortest) times to fulfill
  • Helps you manage staffing for different shifts or day parts