Kitchen Display for Clover

If you run a quick-serve restaurant, coffee shop or dessert shop, the Kitchen Display for Clover is the perfect complement to your Clover Station.


Benefits to Your Restaurant

Speedier Orders

Measurement-Units-Speed-iconStop passing paper around. Orders will zip right to prep stations and your team can get started on customer orders just moments after they order. The Kitchen Display tablet can be mounted just about anywhere.


Greater Accuracy

No need to play telephone with your customer’s orders. The exact order will be displayed right in front of your kitchen staff.


Less Hassle and Lower Cost

The kitchen display happens to cost less than a printer on day one. You also don’t need to worry about running out of paper.


Compared to the typical Kitchen Display Systems priced at $1,500, the Kitchen Display for Clover is FREE for a 30 day trial and then $9.99/month for Quick Service Restaurant mode or $24.99/month for Full Service Restaurant mode.

How Does It All Work

Watch the video below to see a demo of how you can send orders from the Clover Station to the Kitchen Display.

  1. As a Clover certified app,  Kitchen Display gets updated whenever a new order is completed on your Clover Station.
  2. Your food preparation staff gets updated on the order and marks the orders as Done.
  3. They can even check on orders that have been completed and Recall them as needed.

Need A Display or Tablet?

Merchants who use our bumpbar and Android PC demonstrated below have the easiest set-up and on-going use due to durability and ease of use. Learn more and order

In addition, merchants can use our Android tablet. Review our recommended options.

More Questions?

  1. Email: You can email us at [email protected] We’ll get back to you in 24 hrs and typically less.
  2. Phone: You can call us at 1-888-573-1273 during the following hours, Mon-Fri from 8 AM to 8 PM Central Time.