Online Order for Clover

Keep your customers digitally connected to your store.

  • Accept orders from smartphone or computer.
  • Fully integrated with Clover so no order double-entry
  • Easy-to-use customization for your own look and feel.

Keep your customers digitally connected to your store wherever they are with the fully-integrated Online Order app. It’s like putting your Clover POS in your customer’s pocket, desk or purse!

From their smartphone or computer web browser, your customers get up-to-date menu and product choices along with all the options like size, toppings and more. What customers are saying about this app

  • “It’s easier and faster to order online.”
  • “I get to look at all the choices and get exactly what I want.”

How It Works

Watch the video below for a demo of how consumers place orders and how your store can receive orders.

  • Set-up a store in minutes with auto-importing of your Clover items.
  • Set your pickup and delivery hours and your store will automatically open and close at the right times.
  • Consumers order and pay from your website or ours at (mobile app coming soon!)
  • Consumers can order for pick-up or delivery. They can also schedule orders for later or send it right away.
  • Get order alerts for delivery or pickup right in your Clover device or phone via txt message.
  • Receive scheduled orders for pickup or delivery at open hours in the next 7 days.
  • Order directly from your Facebook page on the web. (mobile app not supported by Facebook)

Learn more on our Support and FAQ site with step-by-step instructions and answers to every question we’ve gotten.

What merchants are saying!

Life changing. My business has doubled. Read the case study

The app has many more feature than its competitors like the image customization, ordering in advance. I’m getting a great value.

It’s been growing like wildfire.. easy for me and my customers to use! Read the case study

The app is really user-friendly. With the app, I’m getting a lot of capabilities and great value.

Extra Help to Get You Started

While we offer a 1-1 set-up and training session with your app sign-up, some merchants have asked for even more help. So we created the following packages to help with getting your online store up and running.

Customizable for Your Brand

We provide easy-to-use option to customize the look and feel of your store like the following:

  • Store Logo
  • Full-Screen Background
  • Accent Colors

Some examples of beautiful stores created by merchants in just minutes!

Deangelo's By the Sea
Bluegrass BBQ

Order Directly from Your Facebook Page

Embed your Online Order store in your Facebook page so that your favorite customers can access your store easily and share with others.
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