Online Ordering Grows your Business

Grow Your Business by 33%: Manhattan Grill

Accounts for a third of my business

Having online ordering capability has grown our business.

800+ orders/month

We are happy to have online order capability. Online Orders account for ⅓ of our business.

The support staff has always been great and always been available.

Manhattan Grill

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Building Your Lunch Business with Online Order

Expanding to New Markets: Scrumbscious Burgers and Pieshakes

Life changing..

It has doubled my lunch business by allowing me to reach new markets in my area.

200+ orders/month

Online Order has been instrumental in opening a new customer base. We primarily use Online Order for high school students to order our delicious burgers 2 hours early for a lunch time delivery. The staff have been really great and have given me really valuable marketing ideas and we hope to grow.

We don’t have a great store location, but people love our food. I was originally using an online menu form to take orders, but it was very inefficient. My First Data sales rep told me about the Online Order app and I launched my store the next day.


I send an online ordering link out to local schools and companies in the morning each day and the students order in-advance. We then deliver the orders. It’s increased our lunch orders from 20-25 each day to 50-60 daily order to local schools and places around town.

Compared to the other online order providers, this is much easier to start and use because it’s integrated with my POS. Taking faxes or emails like other online ordering companies would be too much work for me – and probably too much work for anyone!

It is was so easy to get started because my menu is in my Clover account and Online Order automatically imports it. In 15 minutes, I had an online ordering site without any integration and I didn’t have to send any complicated banking or merchant account information.

Chris Howard
Scrumbscious Burger and Pie Company

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Get more productive with Online Ordering

Let your customers beat the line and make more revenue: Jerk Taco Man

Instrumental in my business growth

With the help of Online Order, we have a grown a lot and added two food trucks with the additional revenue from customers ordering online.

1200+ orders/month

Online order has been very instrumental in the growth of my business. My food is in high demand and Online Order helps me increase productivity by moving phone orders to the web, with my employees taking less phone calls they are free to prepare food and do their daily tasks.

We’ve initiated a beat the line program where we have created a special pickup window and for a $5 convenience fee customers can skip the line and pick up their food as soon it is ready. With the help of Online Order we have grown a lot, we’ve recently added two food trucks with the revenue that we’ve gained from customers ordering online.

Jerk Taco Man

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Get a Beautiful Website with Lots of Traffic

Gaining me lots of new traffic and orders

I love Online Order!

They designed a beautiful website for me that is gaining me a lot of traffic.

Over $300/month

I love Online Order, the staff have been great and really helpful. They designed a beautiful website for me that is gaining me a lot of traffic and a web presence. I must admit when I installed the Online Order trial I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to keep but I am sold.

Support is helpful and always available when you need it, so far I am very pleased.

Bollywood Indian Cuisine

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Customers find us on Google

By using Online Order our customer can find us online

Many of our customers search for us

Our customer can easily find us through Google searches because Online Order gets listed at the top of the searches.

Nearly $1K per month

When we got the Clover Station, we gave Online Order a try. The set-up experience with the technician was great. He gave us a number of great tips to make our customer experience a lot better.

With the website they can offer, customers can also search for us on google and order from us. Another key to success is letting customers know that they can order online by way of flyers and word of mouth.

Wing Palace

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