• Conversion Kit by 4 Leaf Labs

    The conversion kit comes with 2 pieces of hardware, a  pre-programmed bump bar and an Android computer stick (Rikomagic RKM V5).  This kit can convert just about any TV/monitor/display into a fully functioning Android platform for Kitchen Display to work in. 

    Rikomagic RKM V5 (Quad Core 4K MINI PC)

    This computer stick is a fully compatible Android device with access to the Google Play Store.  Internet connectivity can be established via  WIFI or an ethernet port. It comes with 2 USB ports to connect the bump bar and/or a wireless mouse too. You will download the Kitchen Display application from the Google Play Store and then connect it to your Clover merchant account with your Clover web email/password. 

Kitchen Display Bump Bar

Our bump bar comes pre-programmed and is plug-n-play. All you do is connect it to a USB port on the RKM stick and you are ready to go.