• Conversion Kit by 4 Leaf Labs

    The conversion kit comes with 2 pieces of hardware, a  pre-programmed bump bar and an Android computer stick (Rikomagic RKM V5).  This kit can convert just about any TV/monitor/display into a fully functioning Android platform for Kitchen Display to work in. 

    Rikomagic RKM V5 (Quad Core 4K MINI PC)

    This computer stick is a fully compatible Android device with access to the Google Play Store.  Internet connectivity can be established via  WIFI or an ethernet port. It comes with 2 USB ports to connect the bump bar and/or a wireless mouse too. You will download the Kitchen Display application from the Google Play Store and then connect it to your Clover merchant account with your Clover web email/password. 

Kitchen Display Bump Bar

Our bump bar comes pre-programmed and is plug-n-play. All you do is connect it to a USB port on the RKM stick and you are ready to go. 

TV Screens, Touchscreens & Monitors

If you don't have one already, our conversion kits works perfectly with the following models for TV Screens and Monitors. Android Tablets work without the need of any conversion kit, but limited in size. Choose your best fit.

Recommended Hardware List