• Front of the House

    Manage your pick up, deliveries, line, and table orders all within one platform on any Android device.

  • Back of the House

    Go digital and smooth your entire kitchen operations with devices that's designed for you.

  • Bundle and Save

    The best combination to modernize your business. Sign up for Kitchen Display and Orderspoon to get a 10% monthly discount!

  • Orderspoon


    $34 per month + 0.20¢ per order


    $68 per month + 0.08¢ per order

  • Orderspoon + Kitchen Display


    $105 per month per location

    + 0.08¢ per order

Orderspoon on any Android Device

Once you have your Android device ready.

Step 1 - Download Orderspoon for your Android Device. Follow the quick start wizard within the app.

Step 2 - Schedule your onboarding at our Contact Us page.

Step 1 - Download

Or Contact Us at (650) 761-7150

Kitchen Display for Orderspoon

The Kitchen Display app speeds up orders through your restaurant and increases order accuracy.

Orders entered from Orderspoon will be displayed in seconds to our Kitchen Display app on any Android device.

Coming Soon

Or Contact Us at (650) 761-7150