Orderspoon for Clover

Dynamic Online Ordering

Make your store... well, your store! Customize your online experience to match your inventory, seasonality, or catering menu.

QR Code Ordering

Ever have a cashier cancel last minute? We're here to keep your business humming (and your customers ordering) no matter how crazy life gets.

Discounted Food Delivery

Stop delivery from being a pricing pain-point for your business and make it a high-point.

Automated Loyalty System

Reward your best customers and keep them coming back more often whether they prefer to order online or in your store.

Service Fee Features

Save on processing and ordering fees! Pass transaction expenses to the customers incurring them and ensure those fees are taxed correctly.

Menu Management

Yep, we handle that. Take a picture of your menu or give us a call and we'll set it all up for you.

  • Orderpsoon Clover Pricing

    Basic: 0.79¢ per order
    (mid volume discount)

    $49 per month + 0.20¢ per order

    Premium: (high volume discount)

    $99 per month + 0.08¢ per order

  • Main Features

    QR Code Ordering: Included

    Cater Ordering: Included
    Automated Loyalty: Included

    Discounted Food Delivery: Included

  • Orderspoon Clover Add Ons

    Room Service:

    +$49 per month per location

    with a Orderspoon subscription

  • Supercharge Your Orders

    Google Business & Yelp Management:

    Custom Branded Website:

    +$99 per month

    Custom Branded Mobile App:

    +$99 per month per location

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