Offer Online Ordering Through Orderspoon and Google My Business

Offer Online Ordering Through Orderspoon and Google My Business

Every restaurant wants a steady stream of customers coming through the doors, but it’s not always easy to attract and retain hungry patrons. Experts say finding new customers will be one of the biggest challenges for owners this year, along with rising inflation and retaining dependable staff.

As a result, it’s time to start thinking about new ways to bring in new customers. Enter online ordering through Google My Business.


Online ordering with Google My Business

You can accept orders online for pickup or delivery through your business profile on Google. By connecting your online ordering capabilities through a third-party app like Clover or Square, customers can order online instantly.

Customers can also place an order if they search for nearby restaurants through Google Maps. If they search for your restaurant’s name, or even “restaurants near me,” they’ll see a list of options and have the chance to order right from the map.

Here’s what it looks like on mobile:

Using google my business with 4leaf

The benefits of Google's online ordering features

Aren’t sure if you want to use Google’s ordering feature? We get it. You’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re likely wondering if this new ordering method is worth setting up. We’d say, yes. Here’s why:

There are one billion restaurant searches on Google each month

When customers look for a local restaurant, they turn to Google. The search traffic alone - with one billion restaurant searches a month on Google - is enough to leverage the online ordering feature.

Online ordering button is prominently displayed

If a customer finds your Google profile or sees your restaurant on Google Maps, the Orderspoon website is front and center. Customers can’t miss it. If they’re ready to place an order, you can earn the sale simply by being present on Google.

Frictionless ordering

Customers want to place an order, pay, and eat. It’s that simple. The ordering process must be hassle-free, and if you’re already using an online ordering platform like Orderspoon, a frictionless experience already exists. Now, you can offer that same experience through Google, and reach more customers by doing so.

How to set up online ordering through Google

Interested in attracting customers through online orders via Google? To start, you’ll need to utilize a third-party vendor that connects with Google. Here’s a list of approved vendors.

Since Orderspoon integrates with approved Google vendors like Clover and Square, Orderspoon users can start leveraging Google’s online ordering feature quickly and easily.

We’ll explore the steps you’ll take to get set up: 

  1. You must have an active Google My Business page. 
  2. Your Google My Business page must be published.
  3. Your restaurant must accept online orders.
  4. You’ll list your Orderspoon store link to accept orders.

Online ordering is a staple in the restaurant business. Customers are less willing to call and more likely to place an order through their mobile devices. As trends like this shift, it’s important for restaurants to evolve and give customers easy online ordering options. 

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