• Kitchen Display for Clover

    An efficient and cost effective alternative or addition to receipt printers!
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Stop passing paper around your kitchen!

Zip orders from the front of the house to the kitchen in seconds.

Easily adapt Kitchen Display to your needs.

Keep track of prep times with insightful reports.

Display orders from anywhere on an Android device(s) of your choosing.
‚ÄčRegardless of where the order is placed, if it reaches your Clover POS it will be displayed on KD. 

Prepare orders faster and with less errors!

  • Detailed view of displays order types, order time, server, item details and order notes.
  • Route orders and/or items to one or any number of Kitchen Displays.
  • Monitor order fulfillment with Expo Mode.
  • Display your menu in foreign languages. 
  • New order sound alerts. 

Customizable for your kitchen needs.

Adjust Kitchen Display to meet your workflow. 

  • Order Online
  • POS Orders
  • Multiple Stations
  • Expo Stations
  • Remote monitoring

Created to help save you $

Easy to install and set up with free phone support 7 days per week. 

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