Orderspoon’s New Loyalty Feature Keeps Customers Coming Back

Orderspoon’s New Loyalty Feature Keeps Customers Coming Back

Does your restaurant offer a loyalty program? A growing number of restaurants use loyalty programs to help drive retention.

In this climate, where food costs are rising, restaurants can easily incentivize customers to sign up for their loyalty program to save money. Saving $2 on a burger or getting a free dessert is reason enough for customers to join your program.

Loyalty Program through Orderspoon

So, how do you go about creating a loyalty program for your restaurant? Orderspoon clients have access to a ready-made program. Set up is a breeze. You’ll simply assign how many points are accumulated per dollar spent (most of our clients do $1 = 1 point) and select items to discount or offer for free.

For example, customers could earn $2 off an appetizer when they reach 50 points and maybe a free side when they reach 100 points. As the customers spend more money, you can sweeten the deals or offer them more frequently. But you’re in control of the rewards and when they’re given.

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Benefits of a Loyalty Program

Restaurant owners and managers have a lot to juggle, especially now when inflation has driven costs up, and it’s harder than ever to find (and keep) staff. So, you might wonder if setting up a loyalty program is really worth your time.

Here’s a look at the advantages a loyalty program can have on your restaurant:

Customer retention

One of the biggest catalysts to implement a loyalty program is to encourage customers to return repeatedly. With the right incentives in play, customers often frequent restaurants for years to come. In fact, fifty-nine percent of customers say that once they’re loyal to a brand, they’re loyal for life.

Increase profits

When a customer joins a loyalty program, they’re more apt to spend a few extra bucks at your restaurant. Research shows 62% of customers spend more money with a company if they’re part of its loyalty program. What drives them to spend more? There are a few factors at play. Customers might increase their spending to hit certain rewards, for example, but they’re most likely buying more because they’re building a relationship with your restaurant.

Retention is cheaper than acquisition

While every restaurant wants to see a stream of new customers at its bar and in its booths, attracting new customers costs more than retaining current ones. While you should certainly invest in acquisition, investing in retention is a more cost-effective way to keep orders coming in.

There’s no cost to set up a loyalty program for Orderspoon clients, so your ROI on this simple effort can be enormous. 

When you’re ready to launch a simple loyalty program, reach out to Orderspoon. Considering how easy it is to set up a program on our platform, it’s well worth your small time investment. We’re happy to help you get a program up and running and can provide advice on what kind of discounts to offer and when. Let’s talk.

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