Room Service: Online Ordering for Hospitals, Hotels, and More

Room Service: Online Ordering for Hospitals, Hotels, and More

Mobile food orders aren’t reserved for busy families or parents who don’t feel up to cooking. Mobile food ordering has become a mainstay, even with customers staying at a hotel or a hospital.

Whether you own a small bed and breakfast or manage an industrial kitchen inside a hospital, Room Service, a feature of Orderspoon, can help you market and sell your in-house food options.

What is Room Service?

Our Clover Integrated Room Service system is an online platform that gives customers the ability to place online food orders and kitchen managers the ability to track and manage orders easily.

The benefits of online food orders in hotels and hospitals

Mobile food ordering is here to stay, which means kitchens everywhere - including hotels and hospitals - need to move with the times. Here’s a look at the benefits of using an online ordering platform like Room Service for Clover:

Customers are familiar with the process:

Seventy-one percent of customers have used a mobile app to order food. The pandemic forced many people to seek contactless options, one of which was mobile ordering. Years later, the trend is only growing. Why? Customers are familiar with the process and appreciate the frictionless transaction, which means they’ll likely welcome - and utilize - the feature within your hotel or hospital.

Order delivery is easier

Forget handwritten orders or paper tickets with room numbers on them. With Room Service, you have a streamlined digital platform that takes orders and can even assign specific QR codes to rooms. Or, you can let the customer add this information right to their order.

With this system, it’s easy to see which order goes to which room. In a hospital, that’s especially important, where diets are often restricted. You don’t want to deliver a cheeseburger to a person who’s on a liquid-only diet, for example. Our Room Service system helps you keep orders straight.

Special instruction are added right to the order & reach the kitchen

Customers can tailor their meals too. They can order a sandwich without tomatoes or let you know about a certain food allergy. These special instructions go straight from the user to the kitchen, so there’s less room for order errors.

It saves on labor

With Room Service, there’s no “order relay.” In other words, a customer doesn’t have to call and relay their order to a person, who then relays it to the back of house via paper or digital order. Instead, a customer’s order goes straight to the kitchen to be prepared.

From a business standpoint, that can cut down on labor costs. You might not need as many people manning the phones, for example. 

It encourages customers to order in-house

There are many, many food options out there. While customers are staying with you, be it in a hotel or a hospital, a streamlined food ordering system encourages people to eat on the premises rather than ordering fast food from the place next door.

In the name of efficiency, customers are likely drawn to ordering food in-house, so long as you can provide an easy way to do so.


Ready to learn more about our Room Service ordering solution? Connect with a representative and see how this unique mobile ordering system can help your establishment. Start a free trial today.

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