Kitchen Display for Clover

Go Digital

Stop passing paper around your kitchen. The Kitchen Display app speeds up orders through your restaurant and increases order accuracy.

A great alternative to expensive thermal printer ink & printer paper.

Dynamic Hardware

Have a big kitchen? Different stations? A tiny cafe counter?

We've got you covered.

Fully Integrated

Our Kitchen Display is fluent in six million forms of communication, including the language of Clover, Square, and Orderspoon.

It's still learning Bocce.

Multi-Station Compatible

Don't want to send every entree to your dessert station? We can ensure each station only gets the orders they need to focus on.

Multi-Language Compatible

┬┐Prefieres Espa├▒ol? No problem. Our systems make new restaurant technology accessible for everyone.

Terms Made for Small Business

Sign up in confidence with no term contract, no hidden fees, and no cancellation penalty.

  • Clover Pricing

    $49 per month per location

Full Kitchen Display Demo

Kitchen Bump Bar Demo