• POS Lite

    $19 per month

    + One-time equipment cost

    + Optional Merchant Services

  • Kitchen Display

    $30 per month per location add on

    + One-time equipment cost

  • Orderspoon with POS Lite

    Basic: 0.79¢ per order
    (mid volume discount)

    $49 per month + 0.20¢ per order

    Premium: (high volume discount)

    $99 per month + 0.08¢ per order

  • Orderspoon Add On


    One-time equipment cost

    Room Service:

    $49 per month per locaion

  • Supercharge Your Orders

    Google Business & Yelp Management:

    Custom Branded Website:

    $19 per month

    Custom Branded Mobile App:

    $59 per month per location

POS Lite + Kitchen Display + Orderspoon

POS Lite and Kitchen Display Equipment is REQUIRED before installation.

POS Lite

Step 1 - In your POS Lite device, download our start engine app.

Step 2 - Follow the quick start wizard within the app.

Kitchen Display

Step 1 - Setup your Kitchen Display equipment (Setup Videos)

Step 2 - Download Kitchen Display on your Android Device.

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