Announcing: Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite

Announcing: Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite

Interested in a POS system for your restaurant but aren’t sure which one to choose? As an owner, you’re looking for a feature-rich but cost-effective system that’s easy to install, use, and maintain, right? If so, consider Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite.

This new POS can streamline your restaurant operations and keep the front and back of house working in concert.

Why use a Point of Sale (POS)?

Research shows 56% of restaurants use a POS in some part of their operations. Whether you’re researching your first-ever POS or are looking to upgrade from an all-too-basic (or overly fancy) system, the benefits of an digital ordering system can’t be overlooked. Here’s why restaurants use a POS: 

  • Orders are placed and delivered straight to the back of house. 
  • Orders are clearly displayed on a screen, making them easy to fill and clear. 
  • Menus can be uploaded and altered quickly. 
  • Features like QR code ordering make it simple for customers to place an order.
  • Built-in payment solutions make it easy for customers to pay and restaurant owners to collect.

Example order screen from our point of sale (POS)

Top 6 Features of Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite 

Researching an online ordering system takes time, so we’ll make it easy for you. Here’s a look at Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite's best features: 

1. Menu management

To get a POS up and running, you need to upload your menu. Rather than manually entering each item, a description, and its price, you can just snap a photo of your menu and let our IT team take care of the rest.

If you’re more comfortable calling, go for it. The Orderspoon team will chat with you about your menu and get everything set up for you.

2. QR code ordering

Your customers all have a point of sale in their pockets (their phones). Shorten lines and give your servers a break by using our QR code dining.

Whether you're a quick service or a full service restaurant, we can save you time and headaches.

3. Discounted food delivery costs

There’s growing demand for delivery services. In 2021, 53% of consumers said food delivery is essential to the way they live. However, some restaurant owners are hesitant to offer delivery services due to rising costs. Orderspoon understands this struggle and offers discounted food delivery costs to ease financial concerns.

4. Save on service fees

If you’ve done your research, you know that many online POS solutions charge restaurants service fees. It’s yet another financial drawback that has some owners wary of straying from the old fashion paper-and-pen POS. Orderspoon wants your business to succeed, which is why you’ll get discounted service fees.

5. Automated loyalty program

Online ordering systems give you the ability to track your customers digitally. Years ago, a bartender might give “a regular” a free beer or two to reward their loyalty. Today, repeat customers are tracked digitally.

With Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite, you can recognize your loyal customers through a built-in rewards program. You can decide its structure and rewards, but the POS will do the rest.

6. Multiple language point of sale (Punto de venta en varios idiomas)

Are you serving a predominantly Spanish-speaking customer base? No problem. Orderspoon’s technology can cater to a variety of different languages.

¿Está sirviendo a una base de clientes predominantemente de habla Espanol? Ningún problema. La tecnología de Orderspoon puede atender una variedad de idiomas diferentes.


Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite is a feature-rich but cost-effective system that’s easy to install, use, and maintain.

Ready to learn more about Orderspoon’s Point of Sale Lite? Check out the program’s features and costs on our website.

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