Ease Your Restaurant Operations with Orderspoon and Kitchen Display

Ease Your Restaurant Operations with Orderspoon and Kitchen Display

Customers are the lifeblood of the restaurant business. How does your restaurant cater to its customers’ high expectations? They want expertly-prepared meals that arrive quickly, which means the back of house needs to work seamlessly. To stay organized, tools like Orderspoon and Kitchen Display can help. These easy-to-use restaurant ordering tools help restaurants digitize their operations.

5 Ways Orderspoon and Kitchen Display can help manage your orders

1. Easily see and clear orders

With Kitchen Display , your kitchen staff can easily see orders as they come in.

Back of house can see when the order was placed, what food needs to be prepared, and if there are any substitutions or modifiers. This can drastically increase the kitchen’s efficiency and ensure that guests receive their food on time.


2. Get notified when orders come in and go out

With Orderspoon and Kitchen Display working together, the back of house receives an alert when a new order comes in. The alert helps the crew act quickly, preparing the order without delay.

These alerts aren’t just for kitchen staff either. Your front of house staff and even customers  may receive an alert when an order is complete and ready for pickup.


3. Send different orders to different stations

With Orderspoon and Kitchen Display, you can streamline your back of house by establishing different stations and only sending the orders relevant to them. The bar, for example, can be one station and the kitchen can be another. If an order is placed for cocktails and dessert, the bar receives the drink order and the kitchen receives the food order.

No more confused staff members asking whether another station already handled an item. 


4. Reduce late orders with timers 

Customers in today’s busy world expect their meals quickly.Kitchen Display can set up timers to ensure orders are prioritized and delivered within appropriate amounts of time.

Have a quick service or fast serve restaurant? Timers can be especially useful to ensure you’re able to keep up with the demands of the quick service industry!


5. Identify modifiers quickly

When a customer orders a burger without the toppings, swaps out a side dish, or asks for an extra helping, your staff must be able to identify these modifiers quickly. With Orderspoon and Kitchen Display, you can change the font color of a specific order type or add labels to help busy staff visually spot differences quickly.

To-go orders that need to be boxed , could be in a different font color, or modified orders for guests with allergies could have a special label. 

Are you ready to digitize your restaurant operations? Business owners can reach out with questions or for a live demo.

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