How Contactless and Serverless Dining Can Ease Your Order Stress

How Contactless and Serverless Dining Can Ease Your Order Stress

Restaurants are moving to contactless, serverless dining. Why? Many customers like the ease of operation. They can stop in, sit down, place an order, pay for it, and be on their way. Restaurant owners like it too. Of its many benefits, owners particularly like that fewer staff members are needed to cater to customers.

If you’re interested in launching a contactless, serverless dining experience, explore Orderspoon, and consider the advantages of using this kind of tech.

5 Advantages of contactless, serverless dining

1. Improved order accuracy

When customers relay their orders to the waitstaff, there’s room for error. Orders can be misheard or punched into the POS incorrectly. With contactless dining, customers place their own order, which goes directly to the kitchen. Customers are prompted to review their order too, to make sure they’ve made the right choice.

2. Quicker turnover

Every restaurant wants to turn over tables quickly, without making customers feel rushed. The ideal turnover time to maximize revenue and tips is 45 minutes, but it’s hard to hit. Even casual dining room times trend towards an hour or more.

With contactless ordering, you trim table turnover time. Customers aren’t left waiting for staff to come and take their order. As soon as they sit, an order can be placed.

3. Hire fewer people

In a post-COVID world, restaurants are still struggling to hire workers. Research shows the restaurant industry is still down 750,000 jobs. The labor shortage translates into problems for owners and customers alike. Owners have a hard time finding and keeping staff, which means customers face longer wait times.

Contactless ordering reduces the need for waitstaff. For many, it can eliminate waitstaff altogether. Orders are placed, food is made, and customers retrieve their meal when their name is called. Customers become their own waitstaff.

4. Create a healthier environment

With fewer employees on staff, you minimize face-to-face interactions. Think about how many people a waitress comes in contact with each day. From customers to colleagues, they interact with many different people. Contactless ordering reduces those interactions, and in theory, can keep your staff (and customers) healthier.

Electronic payments tend to be cleaner too, compared to cash. By setting up a digital kiosk, customers will pay for their meals with an electronic payment.

5. Increase your value per order

With the right software in place, you can set up your order kiosks to recommend additional items.

You can encourage customers to upgrade the size of their meal, add a dessert, or suggest a commonly paired food, like a baguette to accompany a bowl of spaghetti.  

Your wait staff likely tries to suggest additional items, but a digital kiosk can showcase a picture of your decadent chocolate cake, for example, and its price, making it an easy decision to evaluate and execute.

Let a contactless front-of-house save your sanity:

Contactless, serverless dining can ease the workload - and stress - in your restaurant. Take some time to research Orderspoon and see how it can work for your business.

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