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Introducing 4LeafLabs's Affordable Point of Sale and Register System

Oh, yes, you heard me right. We've gotten lots and lots of requests from our merchants to not just provide affordable Kitchen Displays, Online Ordering, Kiosks, and more that integrate with Clover and Square's POS. They've asked us to provide the brains of the system as well.

So we're trying it out!

Now, even if you don't have Clover or Square, you can use our legendary Register, Kitchen Display, Ordering, QR Table Ordering, Kiosks, Room Service Ordering, and more.

Our Free Register Point of Sale (POS) for Restaurants

Hate paying thousands for equipment and than even more in monthly fees? We hear you. For anyone willing to use our Point of Sale with payments, we're giving free hardware and no monthly fees for the core system. 

Before you ask... if you need like ten terminals, we can't cover the costs of all of them, and same if you upgrade to our kitchen display, online ordering, payments, and some other premium features (which use SMS messages to customers, costing us more), but I still think just getting the core point of sale system of the house is a pretty amazing deal.

Also this "free point of sale setup" deal might not last forever, so let me know sooner than later if you want to give it a look.


We still offer the best Square & Clover Kitchen Display, Online Ordering, and all the rest.

Don't worry, if you need all the bells and whistles that Clover's POS system provides, we'll always support merchants in our Clover and Square families!

Our POS Lite register is mostly a simplified and affordable register for restaurants, cafes, and quick service spots that don't need as much staff management and other tools baked in. We're working on building those options out, but in the short term, we're focused on keeping it simple!

Fear not, though, this register might be simple, but it's powerful! It integrates seamlessly with our KD, Online Ordering, and Kiosk giving you max power to grow your business and save your staff time.

What comes with my 4LeafLabs free point of sale?

I'm glad you asked. Our focus is to deliver a simple but effective POS for food trucks, lunch spots, restaurants, and even farmer's market stands. While it doesn't have all the staff management stuff quite yet, it does have a good bit:

  • Inventory Management: Keep track of your stock levels with ease.
  • Payment Integration: Seamless integration with Clover Pay and Cardpointe.
  • Financial Summaries: Access cash summaries and daily totals at a glance.
  • QR Table Ordering: Enhance customer experience with convenient QR code ordering.
  • Kiosk Ordering: Offer self-service options with QR code payment.
  • Comprehensive System: Includes kitchen display, online orders, catering, and more.
So save yourself the headache of paying tons for fancy proprietary hardware or having too many glitches with an open source point of sale. Give us a call or an email, and if you already have some Android tablets ready to setup, we can get you running in minutes!
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