Why We Made Our Online Ordering Solution ADA Compliant

Why We Made Our Online Ordering Solution ADA Compliant

Sixty one million adults live with a disability.

When we created our online ordering solution, Orderspoon, we set out to create an ADA compliant tool that ensured everyone could order amazing food easily. With the right technology, we can empower every user and make sure online ordering is as streamlined as it is effective.

As a result, Orderspoon’s software has been tested by NVAccess and VoiceOver, two organizations that ensure websites are accessible to vision and hearing impaired individuals. In addition, Orderspoon has accessibility features that include:

  • Keyboard accessibility: A user can rely on a keyboard to fill out forms and view menus.
  • Enhanced readability: The site uses required contract limits, resizable text, and intuitive font spacing to make it easier to read.
  • Ease of navigation: With consistent navigation and the use of ARIA landmarks, assistive technologies can help users view the page in an organized way.

4 reasons Orderspoon is ADA compliant

As we built our online ordering solution, we focused on ensuring it was ADA compliant because:

Inclusion is the right choice

We want every restaurant to offer an inclusive experience. While there are many components to an inclusive restaurant experience, one piece of the puzzle is an online ordering system that ensures ease of use for disabled adults.

A customer’s disability shouldn’t keep him or her from ordering their favorite pizza or getting a midweek milkshake (or multiple because milkshakes are awesome) delivered to their door.

To make that a reality, all Orderspoon menus can be reviewed using an autoreader app. There are also braille options, ways to magnify text, and a dictation feature that lets customers type by speaking. 

Delivery is easier than visiting a restaurant

For disabled individuals, the ability to order food online and have it delivered is often easier than going into a restaurant. Restaurants present challenges, which might include:

  • Blocked pathways
  • Lack of accessible seating
  • Many self-serve stations don’t accommodate people with disabilities (Ours does)

With an app, a disabled person can get the food they want without worrying about navigating the inside of a restaurant.

Wheelchair Ramps Help Many

Dietary restrictions can be reviewed

It’s not uncommon for people with disabilities to have dietary restrictions.

With an online ordering system like Orderspoon, people can review the menu before ordering. They can research their options, understand the ingredients used, and make informed food choices. When a customer finds the right meal choice, he or she can easily place an order for pickup or delivery.

Meal preparation may be difficult

For some, making meals is a challenge. Some disabled adults may not be able to regularly get groceries or may not have the strength to cook a meal from scratch three times a day. When meal prep is hard, online ordering becomes a convenient, and sometimes, necessary option.

With ADA compliance, Orderspoon gives disabled adults the chance to review and order food for delivery when it’s needed.

Want to learn more? Check out the Orderspoon demonstration video. 

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