Dynamic Online Ordering

Make your store... well, your store! Customize your online experience to match your inventory, seasonality, or catering menu.

Serverless Dining

Ever have a cashier cancel last minute? We're here to keep your business humming (and your customers ordering) no matter how crazy life gets.

Discounted Food Delivery

Stop delivery from being a pricing pain-point for your business and make it a high-point.

Service Fee Features

Save on processing and ordering fees! Pass transaction expenses to the customers incurring them and ensure those fees are taxed correctly.

Multi-Language Compatible

┬┐Prefieres Espa├▒ol? No problem. Our systems make new restaurant technology accessible for everyone.

Terms Made for Small Business

Sign up in confidence with no term contract, no hidden fees, and no cancellation penalty.

  • Android Pricing


    $34 per month + $0.20 per order


    $68 per month + $0.08 per order

  • Clover Pricing


    $49 per month + $0.20 per order


    $99 per month + $0.08 per order

  • Step 1 - Hardware

    Choose the right hardware to install Orderspoon on your device. We currently support Android, Clover, and Square.

    Need an Android device? 
  • Step 2 - Install

    Go to our 'Start a Free Trial' tab to install the Orderspoon app on your chosen device. From there, use our quick start portal to add general information.

  • Step 3 - Train

    Our team will ensure you get set up. Answer your phone, and we'll get you up and running.

    Schedule Your Install