2023 Small Business Tips To Ring in The New Year

2023 Small Business Tips To Ring in The New Year

The New Year is an ideal time to audit your business and make improvements. For those managing restaurants, take a deep look at your workflow in the front and back of house and set goals for the next year.

Want some inspiration? Here are four tips to start the year right.

Invest in tech that saves time and streamlines processes

In general, small businesses are hesitant to embrace new technology. The upfront cost and implementation hassles are often deterrents, but there are many affordable solutions that can improve your workflow.

Of course, tech choices are based on a company’s needs, but marketing software, project management platforms, and collaboration tools are helpful for most businesses.

In the restaurant industry, platforms like Kitchen Display can help streamline operations in the back of house. The system manages orders visually on a screen, identifies modifiers, and has the ability to send orders to specific stations like the bar, kitchen, and outdoor patio.

Review your hiring process

No business, big or small, is immune to the ongoing labor shortage. Experts predict a shortage of 85 million workers worldwide by 2030. While you might be operating with loose hiring processes to keep positions filled, it could be costly. Research shows hiring the wrong employee costs about 30% of that person’s annual salary.

As you welcome the new year, one of the biggest operational tips is to review your hiring processes. You should:

  • Have a thorough application process
  • Screen qualified applicants with a phone interview first
  • Interview candidates in person and include his or her immediate supervisor in the meeting
  • Ask for and call references
  • Run background checks

Restaurateurs who are hiring should also ensure they actually need every person they’re looking to hire. With Contactless and QR code dining, many restaurants have been able to save having to hire more for their front of house.

Audit your customer experience

What’s it like to eat at your restaurant or shop at your store? Is the staff friendly? Are customer’s needs met quickly? Is the checkout process streamlined? It’s time to audit the process.

Take a break from managerial duties and play the role of customer. See what works and what doesn’t. Make note of things you’d like to change and start researching solutions.

For large restaurants, the customer experience plays a key role in retention. To keep customers coming back, you need a pleasant, efficient experience. Orders should be taken quickly, served efficiently, and of course, be correct. The waitstaff should be cheery, the check should arrive promptly, and payment should be swift.

If your operations are lacking in any of these areas, it’s time to make changes. An online ordering platform can help manage orders and even implement a staff-free ordering system, for better order accuracy.

Cater to customers who want delivery

In 2021, there were an estimated 2.14 billion online shoppers. Whether you sell vintage t-shirts or homestyle meals, there’s a growing need for online orders and delivery.

This year, make plans to up your online game. Whether you add inventory to your online store, offer free shipping, or implement an online ordering system like Orderspoon at your restaurant, focus on catering to tech savvy buyers who want their items quickly.

Orderspoon works on your device and supports Android, Clover, and Square. You can try a free trial of the software and if you like it, Orderspoon will help you get everything set up - from taking orders to pricing delivery costs.

With these four tips, you’ll kick start the year with positive improvements and set your business up for another successful year.


Ready to ring in the new year? Challenge yourself to try one of these operational tips to improve your business in 2023.

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