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4 Leaf Labs

Kitchen Bump Bar

Kitchen Bump Bar

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Just the bumpbar if you already have a compatible Android Computer stick.  This bumpbar has been tested with the RKM v5 only.  Other devices are not supported.  We recommend acquiring your RKM v5 computer stick to ensure compatibility.


  • Keep the display clean: Kitchen staff uses the bumpbar to close orders rather than a touchscreen.
  • Flexible display choices: Use any size monitor/TV you like, as long as it’s HDMI compatible.
  • Easy-to-setup: Set-up Google Play, download software and link to your Clover account.
  • Support provided: 4 Leaf Labs provides support for Kitchen Display app as well as the conversion kit.
  • QSR and FSR Modes: With KD 1.2.70 or higher, both modes are bumpbar compatible.

Technical Specifications

  • High Durability with an Aluminum Case
  • Pre-Configured 20 Buttons for the Kitchen Display App
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